Create Task Shortcut w/ NO time

I have a shortcut to create a new task. I have the GoodTask app settings "Due Time when Due Date is Set" to No Time.

However, when I set the shortcut due date to "Today" and everything else blank, it populates the time as 12:00. I've tried leaving it blank, using "0", "None", and also "No Time". Still shows up at 12:00.

Can you fix the shortcut action to leave the not create a due time if left blank?



Hi @michaelborland, thanks for the feedback.

On GoodTask, No Time is equivalent to 12:00AM under the hood. This is made this way due to technical reasons of the platform back in the day. Normally it shouldn't affect any use cases. If there is any, please let me know.


That's a bit confusing since I can open the app and add a task with a due date but no time. I can do the same thing using the widget. My use case is to have the same functionality in the shortcut. Have a due date but no time.

If you set due date as today with time 12:00am on shortcut, it should show same as no time in GoodTask. Thanks!