Creating a task out of an email with OSX Apple Mail and Goodtask


Hi All --

I am a die hard Todoist fan because of it's collaboration features, but my need for collaboration is not needed for the foreseeable future and I love GoodTask because it integrates with Apple reminders.

In my transition to GoodTask, this is only one thing I have not been able to replicate from my previous GTD setup and that is creating a task out of an email.

I currently use Apple map with a number of email accounts. With Todoist I could forward the email to a specially configured email address and the email would show up in my inbox as a task, which I could then tag and process as part of my GTD workflow.

As near as I can tell, this type of setup does not exist with GoodtTask. Is there a good way to do this with the standard OSX mail app and GoodTask? What I want is the contents of the email to form part of the task item, so I don't have to go looking for the email when I execute the task.

Many thanks!


Hi @docrameous, thanks for using GoodTask.

Currently easiest way to link email to a task on GoodTask would be simply drag and dropping email to GoodTask.

You can use services like IFTTT but I don't think the process of itself connecting Reminders and email is that good. :disappointed_relieved:


I use airmail rules to achieve this if it helps. Send to a dedicated tasks email address rule adds it to reminders then deletes the email.


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