Current Status of GoodTask for iOS 13 beta (Update 7/8)


A new repeating task with the same details doesn't crash it.


It seems like repeating tasks that's made in DB1, DB2 (PB1) is causing crash when your time zone is GMT-N.

There seems to be no particular way to resolve it. Current workaround would be adding a new one and delete the current one.

I'll keep an eye on it. Thanks!


So I’ve cleared the issue for now. It seemed to be my overdue items which are the ones I was trying to reorganise therefore giving the appearance that it was app wide. I created a new todo and couldn’t reproduce the issues. I noted that completing an item crashed the app but didn’t mark item complete. However rescheduling crashed the app but DID complete the reschedule.

So I rescheduled everything to today and then tried again.....everything was working.

Perhaps this forced the todos to the new database in the correct format?


Thanks for the info, @Themikeyd. It could be a possibility. It seems like there has been lots of changes in DB3 (PB2) under the hood.

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In my opinion, for now the best thing to do is if you are using the betas, just use the Reminders app for now. It's not that buggy. We don't know what changes Apple is making to the iCloud and Goodtask could still break again. Apple won't release their new APIs until the GM is released in late August or early September. That's when Devs can start fixing their apps for the new OS's.
From what Ive read on apple Dev site and in other forums, Apple is changing their iCloud, which is why exists and why many on Catalina beta and other betas are having iCloud issues. Once the GM or release releases come out and we hit the upgrade button in Reminders, we don't even know if Goodtask will continue to work or not. We have to allow the developer time to make changes and make sure everything will work with the new Reminders app and iCloud changes.
On a personal note, I love the time and energy that the Dev has spent on Goodtask, it's a great app and I think you forced Apple to change their default Reminders app to add sub-tasks and so much more. So thank you on a personal level...


Thanks @sparkktv for the opinion.

If you're using iOS 13 beta and Catarina, it would be fine to use Reminders or GoodTask with or without the updating the database. Most of the bugs are gone now and current existing ones are that URL field is not showing and some unknown crashes (many of them are resolved in v4.7.3).

If you'd like to try and use new features on the Reminders app, you can use it.

If you want to use existing features of GoodTask, it'll be fine too.

I'm not confident of Apple opening new APIs but seeing changes of URL field (even if it's a bad bug) might be a sign of some changes that will come to current APIs.

If they're going to open some new APIs, they'll probably open it way before GM since it could have bugs and they'll need to fix them too.

Anyway when new API gets opened, I'll post how GoodTask will adapt them. Even if it doesn't get opened, there are plans for improvements in current status and related updates will come one by one. :slight_smile:

Don't forget that the most important thing is to get things done!


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What happens if you set up a subtask in Reminders on IOS 13? How does it show on GoodTask? I tried to check myself, but the only device I've updated (iPad Pro Gen 1 12.9) refuses to let me create subtasks.

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@denrael, currently subtasks are just shown as normal tasks in the list. If API gets opened, it can be changed. (Used to be not shown at all on previous beta builds but now it shows)

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Normal tasks work, just wanted to make certain they did show. Now if I could just get my beta 13 to work. LOL

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A full reinstall of Beta 13 finally made Reminders behave as it should with subtasks and all so I can see how the interaction is between GT and R13. Given that you received no new APIs to take advantage of the enhancements (shame on you Apple), it's quite elegant.

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What exactly you try to say about upgrade? If I will keep syncing just as it does now between GoodTask <> Reminders, it’s better not upgrade to IOS 13 or what? Confused?


It depends on what devices you're using with what OS's. If you update all the devices, you can upgrade the database and it'll work fine. If you have multiple devices with various OS's that needs to sync, wait until you can update all OS's.

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At the moment i use on iPhone & iPad IOS 12.4.1and ElCapitan on mac with trial GT.
If i upgrade to IOS13 and have to stay on ElCapitan because of hardware related reason with GT, it will not work properly anymore, i am right??


It's ok to upgrade to iOS 13. When you open Reminders app on iOS 13, it'll ask you if you're going to upgrade the database. Don't upgrade the database if you want the data to sync with El Capitan. :wink:


:pray: a lot for support!