Current Status of GoodTask for iOS 13 beta (Update 7/8)

WWDC has started and new things have been introduced with lots of excitement. Reminders has got some changes and I'd like to explain current status and how GoodTask will go.

New features (Flag, Attachments, URL, Subtasks etc.) in iOS 13 Reminders app is not on EventKit's API

  • EventKit is what GoodTask uses to fetch the data and basically nothing has been changed on iOS 13. I'm not sure this will change during the beta period but I've sent a feedback and will wait for their answers. (FB6116122) You may send some too if possible on Feedback Assistant app that's included in the beta. It'll be very helpful :slight_smile:

Database getting Upgraded will not sync with previous versions of iOS/macOS.

  • You can select to upgrade the database on new Reminders app.
  • If you upgrade the database, it seems like not upgraded databases sync well between themselves and the upgraded ones sync by themselves. Downside will be when you upgrade the database, the one that's not upgraded will go away as new OS gets released (which means changes you make in previous versions will go away).
  • If you don't upgrade the database, data will sync between different iOS versions but you'll not be able to try the new Reminders app's added features.


Below are the bugs you'll face on iOS 13 and macOS Catalina.

(New on Developer Beta 3) URL field is not accessible and does not save

  • Output : Existing URL data is not accessible at all. When adding a new URL either on app or share sheet, it's not saved.
    : Needs to be fixed by Apple. If this field goes away, data needs to be moved to notes field manually before updating iOS/macOS. Feedback has been sent.

Changes (Completion/Add/Edit on current device or other devices) are not notified immediately to the app

  • Output : List does not refresh. Count numbers does not refresh
  • Workaround : You need to go out of list and go back to refresh the list
    : This needs to be fixed by Apple on next beta builds. Feedback has been sent. (FB6116034)
    (Update : FIXED on iOS 13 beta 2, macOS 10.15 beta 3)

Scheduled list may not work correctly when using Start dates

  • Output : Tasks may not show in the list
  • Workaround : Turn off 'Settings - General - Use Start Date' or choose 'Due date' option in filtered list.
    : This will be fixed soon on next bug fix update
    (Update : FIXED on GoodTask 4.7)

Tasks made in new iOS 13 Reminders app showing different date on GoodTask

  • Output : It may show today on new Reminders app but show yesterday on GoodTask
    : This needs to be addressed by Apple. Feedback has been sent. (FB6116067)
    (Update : FIXED on iOS 13 beta 3, macOS 10.15 beta 3)

List order could get messed up with database upgrades

  • Output : Reminders lists will go to the bottom of the list. This is due to reset and reconnection to the Reminders database.


GoodTask is based on Reminders database so it's pretty dependent to the Reminders itself. Reminders has got App Links that kept the feature by itself previously but with this beta version, it seems like it's getting a lot more. I know that people using GoodTask doesn't run Reminders regularly but I'm sad to see the features are kept by Reminders app only.

I hope they eventually open it up but if they don't, it's just unfortunate and GoodTask will have no power to add things introduced with the new Reminders app.

There are still lots of other things to be added to GoodTask though.

Well, that's all I can say for now. I'll see you soon with the updates. Thanks! :smiley:


Sending feedback to Apple would be very helpful requesting to open API for the new Reminders features. You can do it by the Feedback Assistant app if you've already installed the beta or use below website to send them directly via web.

It's pretty simple form. Give it a try!
(Choosing category to 'iOS & iPadOS - area : EventKit' will work)


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I'm a complete stranger to all of this beta-stuff, but how can I be of service in making GoodTask work on iOS13? My life would collapse if GoodTask went away atm^^

I clicked the link you provided, but I can't find any online form to sign, it asks me to download an app, I think... Could you provide a step by step instruction for dummies like myself? Keep up the good work!


Hi @Bubbledock, GoodTask will work on iOS 13 but it's just about the stuff they added on the new Reminders app. Below is a brief step by step to give feedback to Apple.

  1. Go to below website.

  1. If you're not a member of Apple Beta Software Program, you need to sign up with your Apple ID.

  2. The website insists you to use the app but you can also go into the website. Inside the website, you can click write button on top right side next to ' Feedback'.

  3. Choose 'iOS & iPadOS'. Title should be something like giving API access to the new Reminders features. For problem area, choose 'EventKit'. Type should be suggestion. Type in description briefly and click submit button and it's done.


Already made my case to Apple


Hope they listen and GoosTask can have access to all new features!


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Can you provide a feedback template that GoodTask users can simply copy and paste to Apple? A template might encourage people to send feedback.


Hi @michael, you can check above post and go through 1~4. Things that you should put in is just the title and description. It could be simple thing such as 'Provide API for new Reminders functions' or 'Let 3rd party developers use new Reminders app's new functions'.


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One further bug I have found is that a list shared with you i.e. you are not the owner, will disappear.

I guess it is a Reminders bug (as the list is no longer in Reminders) and not a GoodTask issue. However it is worth knowing for anyone considering the iOS 13 beta and are using or dependent upon shared lists.

FYI - I initially didn't upgrade to the new Reminders database, so this wasn't the cause.

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@GoodTask iOS developer here currently running beta 2 (iOS, iPadOS, macOS) across the board for testing as well as on my daily driver devices.

If you're looking for a beta tester, I'd be happy to help.

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I just grabbed the beta of iPadOS 13 and fired up GoodTask. The first thing I noticed different: all the list totals (number of reminders on a specific list) are all 0. When I tap the list the reminders are still there.
I’d also be interested in beta testing GoodTask if you can use yet another person. Like a lot of people, I’ve been around the neighborhood - Omnifocus, Things, Sorted and a few others, and I’m back to GoodTask. They’re all good, but right now, for me, GT is the best option.


Testing here on Catalina, iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 betas.
By the moment is working ok. I found some problems but mainly with the integration with Agenda App and the new functionalities of Reminders in the new OS.
Happy to test any betas of Goodtask as I am in a very Beta environment right now :slight_smile:

Same here. Totals turned to zero.

Yeah, also have the totals turned to zero. And the smart lists are empty. But... I have not opened the Reminders app, so no conversion-choice is made by me, yet. I have a question about this: can I choose not to convert now, but convert the database later?

Also, just FYI when signing up for this forum, I could not activate (follow the link) through the iPad beta. Safari-tab kept on spinning. On my no beta iPhone the activation worked well. Probably a beta bug.

v4.7.0 will be released in few hours and it'll fix few bugs such as numbers showing 0.

There are still bugs that Apple needs to fix but the basics will work as expected.

@simoncrane, upgrading database is on your own will. :slight_smile: This is about syncing with previous versions of OS and when it's done, there is no going back. Upgrading or not, there are still bugs on iOS 13 itself. :disappointed_relieved:

I updated to 4.7.0 and the app is working smooth and nice. The numbers appears again :wink:
Any Goodtask beta for MacOS that fix this on Catalina Beta?

Mac version has been updated to 4.7.0 too on Mac App Store but Catalina itself has its own issues. I hope they get things resolved on next beta release.


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Would also be happy to beta test if needed. Also been around.

Currently gt is crashing when I try and complete a task. Using the version just released.

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Thanks for all the hard work! I bet every year's a challenge when a new iOS rolls out...

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Thank you so much!!! I know it's not a developer's problem when the beta breaks the app. The last couple weeks trying to get by on Reminders alone reinforced what a gift GoodTask is.

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