Daily tasks starting new when tey are done


Hello and good evening @all. I have several daily tasks. Some of them from my account at Strato. When I mark one daily task as "done" it starts new with due date one day earlier. When I mark a daily task with due dat today, there will be a new one with due dat yesterday. When I mark this, there is a new one with due one day before yesterday. So I can not mark it to start it tomorrow. I use GT at iPhone and iPad. But when I use an other task utility, the same happens. When I use the website of Strato to mark the Job, it works good. What can be wrong? TNX for help.


Hi @Thomas_Kerwitz, thanks for using GoodTask.

I'm not aware of Strato but if recurring tasks doesn't work correctly on that service, you may need to ask them for the reason. Connection between Reminders and that service may not be working properly.



I find out now, that the daily task work in all my other Apps without problems. So it seems to be a problem with good Task.


Would you send me details with screenshots (task details) to contact@hahaint.com ?

Also send me a link to the service too. Thanks!