Date/Time Picker

I would really like to see an improved date/time picker rather than the standard iOS scroll selector, preferably a calendar based selector--something that makes it fast and easy to pick a future date by quickly selecting year, month, and day. Here are some screenshots of interfaces other apps use that are easier and faster to use:

As you can see, a calendar


I totally agree and I'm sort of infamous from nagging about this. lol. This is actually one of the reasons why I cannot fully jump on board the GT train (switching back and forth to Things 3). I can't stand the horrible IOS scrolling nightmares. Unfortunately, I don't think this is a high priority for the awesome developer of GT. It's his app. fair enough. Another reason is the great way Things 3 handles start dates and deadlines.

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I also noticed the current datetime picker and alert screens, which are similar, have transparent backgrounds. This is overwhelming visually because there is text on top of other background text, so it's hard to identify buttons. I think it could be improved by using an opaque or solid color background in the middle area behind "Today Now Tomorrow".

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