Day of the week on widget

On the preview when making custom widget theme, the day of the week is shown, but not on the actual widget. Can I have it on the actual one as well? Thanks!



Hi @Eleanor, thanks for the feedback.

It's hidden according to device size. I'll check to see if it can be improved to be shown. Thanks!

I would like this option also.

If I set day of the week to Monday they show up. If I set it to Sunday they disappear.

Hi @Brandon, thanks for the feedback. Would you let me know which device and iOS version you're using? Thanks!

I’m using a 13 Pro on 17.2

@Brandon, thanks for the info. I've tested it and found out that if you have Sunday as start of the week, it has 6 rows of weeks which makes it to hide top weekday row due to size limits. If you set it to Monday, it only has 5 rows which makes it to show. I hope you understand. I'll keep your feedback though. Thanks!