Default list view setting gets removed

I have a different default view settings for different lists. i.e most are list view, but two of them are board - tag and board - date. I notice that the default view settings within my "Smart Lists" group are OK, but the settings within my other group gets deleted quite regularly, so that all lists in this group end up reverting to my global default view settings - instead of the default list view i previously saved for each list.

Is this a a bug that is removing my preferred default list view settings?

Another bug that might be related is that the order of my lists within the non smart list group never save at all. They are always in a random order and I alwyas have to drag them back into my preferred order.


Hi @drigbye, thanks for the feedback. It doesn't seem to be normal. Would you try 'Advanced - Reset Calendar Connection' and see how it goes? This will reset the connection to Reminders/Calendars connection. But you need to re-do work for Lists/Calendars including filters inside Smart Lists and Quick Actions. Thanks!

thanks this seems to be working now