Delay time after edit

I have the "Delay Time After Completion" set to 3 seconds, and that works well for me.

But I would love to also have a "Delay Time After Edit". I spend most of my GT time in the "today" or "today & tomorrow" screens, and I use Quick Actions a lot. If I'm looking at a task which is due today, I'd like to be able to hit a couple of those Quick Actions - but as soon as I change the date, the task disappears from my screen - this is, of course, correct, because it's no longer due today, but having the option to set a three-second delay after that would allow me to make further changes before it disappears. And of course it would give a brief interval in which to reverse an accidental change, just as "delay time after completion" does.

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Hi @bbpie, thanks for the feedback. I assume you're referring to Mac version of the app. I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!