Deleting Completed items reappearing

Hello, I'm new to GT. I have it installed on MacBook, and iPhone and iPAD. List sync working. Task sync working EXCEPT only uncompleted task will delete. If the item is checked 'complete' before deleting it will RETURN after sync / refresh - 15sec. I have deleted all apps and signed out of all iCloud accounts and reinstalled. Same behavior. The returning 'completed' tasks are not on Apple Reminders app. Is this normal? Thanks

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Thanks for using GoodTask. Would you update the app to the latest version and check?

If the issue persists, go into ‘Preferences - Advanced’ and click ‘Delete Previously Used’ on Mac. On iOS, Settings - Advanced - Delete local cache.


Deleted iPad and iPhone apps. Re-downloaded GoodTask App from app store. Deleted 'previously used' in setting, also deleted 'local cache' in iOS before deleting entire app.
Any deleted task returns after sync. ???

Do you mean that deleted tasks are reappearing? Would you check after restarting the device?

If the issue persists, please send me more details such as screen recordings to


Hi, did this get resolved? I have the same issue. If I delete old completed tasks they simply reappear a few seconds later. I tried clearing the local cache but the behaviours remains. If I delete the task in the reminders app it stays deleted. This is on ios and ipados.

Hi @Glyn, thanks for the feedback. It has been resolved. Would you update the app and check how it goes?

Normally deleting local cache should remove items if it doesn’t get deleted.

If the issue persists, please send me some details to