Deleting tasks

It seems like the only way for me to delete tasks is through the Edit menu at the top of the screen. Unfortunately, this is a bit cumbersome.

Would you please add the ability to delete a task via a keystroke or via the right-click menu?

Hi @jfine, thanks for the feedback.

On iOS, you can also swipe to delete which can be set inside 'Settings - General - Swipe action'.

On Mac, you can press 'Delete' key and it'll show you a pop-up. You can CMD-D to confirm it afterwards.


Hello and thank you for your reply,

I am unable to get this to work on Mac. After selecting a task to remove, nothing happens when I press 'Delete'. Am I doing something wrong?

I'm on MacOS 11.3.1 and I'm using v6.6.3(703) of GoodTask.

Hmm, that's weird! Normally the button on the top right (2nd row) should prompt like below screenshot.

Which keyboard do you use?

I'm using the Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad - US English - Space Gray.

It looks like it has something to do with that particular keyboard. I used my original magic Keyboard without the numeric keypad and it worked just fine.

Thanks for the details. It seems like only right 'Delete' key may work on extended keyboard. I'll try to fix it on next update. Thanks!

I appreciate you helping me sort this issue out and for offering to work on a fix. Thanks!

Hey there - I noticed in v6.7 that you addressed this issue. Thank you for fixing this!!

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