Details placement & per-task # subtasks

I tend to gravitate toward apps that divide tasks into columns or grids (examples: Firetask’s Kanban, priority & calendar views, Memento’s “For You” view, HabitRpg’s 4 columns, or DIY spreadsheets, Stephen Covey’s Quadrants, Daymap’s projects & week views, etc.) because I feel like I can focus a little more easily on urgency or context while still getting a sense of what’s ahead or behind. GoodTask partially addresses this—the focus part—through its lists and views (it also excels at speedy editing & bulk editing (Quick Actions), etc. but I digress).
Yet, somehow I can still seem to find myself faced with long lists and details.

To streamline the view a bit, I have a couple of questions/suggestions.

#1 — Could task details be moved to the right of the title, at least optionally?

e.g. instead of

:radio_button: Call So-and-So
Today 9:00 AM (0/1) :speaker: Financial ….
:radio_button: Send Email
Today 9:00 AM (0/1) :speaker: Financial ….
- subtask
- subtask
:radio_button: Do Such-andSuch
Household ….
- subtask

one would see: [I had to insert lines to simulate alignment]

:radio_button: Call So-and-So ______ Today 9:00 AM (0/1) :speaker: Financial ….
:radio_button: Send Email _________ Today 9:00 AM (0/1) :speaker: Health ….
- subtask
- subtask
:radio_button: Do Such-andSuch ____________________ Household ….
- subtask

#2 — Could there be a per-task option for how many subtasks to show?

Some of my tasks are more complex, and the next subtask or most important action are all I want to see. Some subtasks are all independent actions and don’t have a particular order or importance, and I’d prefer to see all of them.

Hi @Pelmel, thanks for the feedback.

It's in the category of in need to change the app in a whole rather than some customization. Currently you may use 'Task Display' option with 'Show Detail' turned off which will let you focus more on title and subtasks only.

Second opinion seems to have possibility to over-complicate the option of a task. I'll keep it on the list to consider.


I think I might have found a reasonable workaround for #2: putting long-term or waiting for subtasks into the Notes field, hiding Notes, and using Subtasks for next action and routine/frequent tasks (or any really important little note).

For #1, for all I said about those lines (Show Details) being in the way, you've managed to condense a lot of info/cues into it. For example, it's the best cue to Today (see Make Today visually distinguishable) and Overdue; etc., …
I'll try hiding them, again, though, and see how it goes.

P.S. I "get" that "simple" suggestions can be too complicated when it comes to coding; and one person's improvement can be another person's setback (5.1); and too many options can clutter settings & code, etc.—keep it simple, and if it ain't broke don't fix it
so, I quite understand if you table these ideas, but I appreciate your responsiveness and consideration.

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