Make Today visually distinguishable

Since many-days calendar events show up like this (actually showing a past date), I would like to see the Today section clearly visually distinguishable from other dates. Or change the behavior of calendar events so that Today is always the first showing day under the calendar.

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Hi @BoEast, thanks for the feedback. I understand your needs but it's somewhat complicated issue. I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!

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Hehe, I know I've asked before :upside_down_face: thanks.

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+1 I'd also enjoy seeing a light shading of the entire square for the current day (that is always visible no matter which day is selected). Otherwise, if I have a day selected on the month that isn't today, there's no indication to me of what day today is.

You can set this now in the settings for each theme. There are 2 general settings under “appearance” and then you have to change the “highlight section” setting in the Theme configuration.


Good to know. Thanks. I hope it will be considered as a default too (faint gray for today always shown; bright color for selected day), to reduce the need to configure GoodTask as much for new users.