Differences between GoodTask and Reminders?

Hi. I hope this question is ok tonpost herr. Since you are all GT users I thought this is best place to get help.
I have been using an app calked 2Do. It hasn’t been updated for years and in M1 it runs in Rosetta. So I wanted to try some other solution, just in case.
Tried Things3 but I am orobably not devited enough to GTD to feel at home with that apo.
So now I am going over to Reminders. And when I did I also downloaded the trial version 14 days I think) of GoodTask, since I read that it can be seen as an app that adds functions to Reminders .
So now I hope you can help me in my choises:

  1. What was the main reason for you to get GT?
  2. What are the things in GT that you feel are the most important additions compared to Reminders?
  3. What are the biggest differences, that I could benefit from knowing?
    Thanks in advance. GoodTask seems to be what I more or less need since Things3 makes me just moving todos around. Reminders don’t have a start date, but tags ( I din’t use that, but thinking of it). As I understand Reminders tags don’t work in GT?

Hi @TomasAhlbeck, thanks for trying out GoodTask. I'll give you brief answer to the questions.

  • Most of the users get it when they want more powerful features than Reminders but still want to keep the features of Reminders which are deep integrations with the system.

  • Smart Lists and Quick Actions are key differentiators. You can filter and sort tasks with Smart Lists and add/edit tasks quickly with Quick Actions. Both can be customized fully to make it fit your needs.

Other than that, I'll write down some key features.

  • You can view your tasks in various ways such as day, week, month views and board views.
  • Calendar events can be integrated in the list.
  • You can use context menu right on the list to quickly adjust tasks.
  • Bulk action can be easily done to edit multiple tasks at once
  • You can add attachments on a task which will be saved via iCloud
  • You can customize lots of things including looks with themes
  • Powerful widgets can be made and can be fully customized
  • Goals, Reports, Today, Next page which expands the usage

There are things that Apple didn't open such as tags which 3rd party apps can't adjust. Let's hope they open it up someday. You can write feedback to apple via https://feedbackassistant.apple.com to give them a bump.


My primary reason to use GoodTask was its integration with both the Reminders app and the iCal. While there are many apps that looks more functional than GoodTask, I could not find any other app (other than Sorted3, which I migrated from) that provided sync with iCal, not a web-app, and a one-time purchase as well as the aesthetic I wanted.

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Hi @TomasAhlbeck, I switched from 2Do, too ;-).

For me it is an absolute must that a task management has a good filter function to show me only the tasks that can actually be done at the moment. This necessarily includes filtering by start date. GoodTask offers the possibility to use start dates.

Secondly, a corresponding app must be very efficient to use. In GoodTask this is realized by "Quick Actions". I don't want to be without it anymore.

And smart lists offer the possibility to look at the tasks from different perspectives. This helps to keep the overview and to make right decisions for the continuation of projects. All this is not possible with the Reminders app from Apple.