Drag tasks without changing priority?

Is there a way I can drag tasks without changing the priority? Example: It's important that I complete a task today, but I need to complete it later in the day during a specific calendar event.

If I drag that task from the top of my list, so that it appears below the calendar event, it no longer has the priority exclamation marks that remind me it's the most important thing I need to do today.

Hi @helpneeded, thanks for using GoodTask.

Drag and drop changes task details according to the 'Sort Option' on that page. Check 'Sort Option' and see how it's set.


I have Due Date > Priority > Manual Sort. This is how I want my tasks sorted but I don’t want priority or anything to change when I drag tasks. Please assist.

If you want the tasks to be sorted that way, it'll change as you drag and drop your tasks. You can't place tasks as you want and also keep the selected sort option. Those 2 are the same things.

If you don't want to change priority while changing positions, remove priority on sort option. This will make priority stick and will not sort according to priorities.


I removed priority from the sort options and restarted the app but it still removes the priority when I drag and drop. How is the sorting supposed to work, so I can better understand?

Would you share some more details like screen recordings to contact@hahaint.com ? Please include sort option page too. Thanks!

I can do that but first please tell me, how is the sorting supposed to work, so I can better understand?

Hi @helpneeded,

Sort basically works as the settings set for sort options. It normally follows default options but you can set it per list too. If it’s set for the list, it’ll follow that.

Drag and drop changes data according to sort options. It’ll try to change the value so that its dropped position makes sense.

You can check more details on below page.