Due date for drag&drop tasks

When I drag a task in between two calendar items in a list, the due date for the task is based on the start time of the item below where the task is dragged. E.g. when I drag a task between an item that has 1pm-1:30pm as start/end times and one that is 2pm-3pm, the dragged task starts at 2pm

Is there a setting to base it instead on the end time of the task above? So that in this example the task due date would be 1:30pm.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!

Thanks for considering. To add: when dragging a task between timed events it always is position as a task without due time - even it is positioned after or before a timed event.

Adding a separate setting to change the behavior is not considered. The order of the tasks and events is calculated upon sort option settings. So if a task has no time, it can't be placed between timed tasks/events. (If 'Due date' is set as sort option)

What I meant was that I'll check if setting date/time of dropped task should calculate from start or end time of previous/next item.


Thanks for clarifying. My remark was mostly triggered by the fact that dragging non-timed tasks now feels counter-intuitive. When I drag a non-timed task in-between timed events on the same day, it will adjust by adding a due time. When I drag a non-timed task from a specific day in between timed events on a different day (e.g. tomorrow) it will add itself to that different day as a non-timed task, while I would expect it to behave similar to the behavior when dragging it on today's timed events.

I assume you're moving between days on a board view? Changing board does not keep the exact place it's dropping since it made too much confusion. On iOS, it doesn't show the place it drops but it shows the line on Mac due to technical limitations. I'll keep your feedback. Thanks!

Thanks for clarifying - as it doesn't show the line on iOS I can see that would be confusing to implement cross-platform.