Duplicate lists or create a list template?


Hello, I am new to GoodTask and I really love it. But there is one thing I am missing. I want to duplicate lists or create a list template, that I can re-use each time it has been completed. I.e. when I want to create a pack list.

Is that possible?

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Hi @michael37fu, thanks for the feedback.

Currently you can only duplicate smart list. Templates are on the list to be updated in the future. If you have good ideas, feel free to write about it anytime. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Thanks! I would be happy to see this feature in the next few updates. I tested so many ToDo apps on iOS and finally choosed GoodTask. Unfortunately I updated the reminders after upgrading to iOS 13. So I have to wait for MacOS Catalina and hope the sync problem will be fixed then.

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I found sort of a workaround in GoodTask. To get a list that you can duplicate:

  1. Add a quick action to toggle the "#Template" tag
  2. Create a regular list (call it "Template List") and add your tasks to it. Give them all the "#Template" tag.
  3. Create a smart list that contains tasks in "Template List", and add a filter to exclude tag "#Template"
  4. Add a quick action to toggle the "#Template" tag

Now, whenever you want to create a new copy of "Template List", open "Template List" and tap the three-dots menu and tap "bulk actions", then select all and perform the "Duplicate" quick action followed by the "#Template" quick action. The smart list will become populated with the copied tasks.


Hey, that's awesome. I followed your instructions and it did work :smiley: .

Many thanks!!!


I'm afraid this will only show/hide same tasks when you toggle #Template quick action.

Using #Template quick action will add/remove the tag on the tasks.

This will not copy/duplicate tasks.

Workaround could be using 'Duplicate' quick action and then changing lists.


Whoops, right you are. I forgot the duplicate step.