Duplicated notification in GoodNote and native Reminders


Hi, what is the expected / suggested workflow to avoid having duplicated notifications? Is there a way to disable the notifications for native Apple Reminders App (both on Mac and iOS)

thanks for feedback!


You may turn off notifications for default Reminders app by going into

iOS : Default Settings app - Notifications - Reminders
macOS :  - System Preferences - Notifications - Reminders

You may turn it on for GoodTask here and settings inside GoodTask.



Yeah, that's an easy one... Somehow I did not see reminders on that list, and thought that Apple does not allow you to change the settings for build in apps (would not surprise me that much...)

thanks for help anyway!


Sorry to go offtopic... Is there a way to get past the limit I've reached as new user? I still have some feedback to provide, and would really like to evaluate GoodTask in this 14 days...

A new topic I wanted to create:

Title: "⌘T : Move to Today" does not work
Body: How is that suppose to work?
I was hoping this will set due date to Today for a task, but it seems it does not do anything.

A shortcut to set date to today would be great. Also a shortcut to jump to date / time selection would be great.

One more related issue. When using tab to cycle through the options for a task you can only set Due Date and Alarm On/Off but not set it to specific time. Tab just jumps further... (this happens when it's already on - to change the date you need to use mouse)

thanks for assistance!


Moving to today is basically changing selected date for day, week and month views. You can move between dates with left and right arrow on those views to look back on past days or preview the future.

Setting due date to today could be done by,

  1. Typing 'today' which is using text snippet
  2. Using Quick Action with type today or relative date or preset..
  3. Right click on calendar (long tap on iOS) to add a new task
  4. Using 'Contextual Date' option on and make new task on day/week/month views.

To use keyboard more intensively, you need to set option inside  - System Preferences - Keyboard - Shortcuts - All Controls (at the very bottom).

If you have more questions, send an email to contact@hahaint.com