Early Reminders, Contextual & Purchases?

Can you explain how to schedule a reminder in advance and what the term "contextual" means in the application? Additionally, if I purchase the app on my iPhone, will I be able to use it on my Mac as well?

Thanks for using GoodTask.

You can set alert on the time you want. Due date and alert can be set separately.

‘Contextual’ option means that it’ll follow current view while doing the action. For example, when you’re on ‘List A’ and add a task, new task will be set to ‘List A’ even if default list is something else. There are other contextual options such as date and smart list which will follow things like date or tags.

Purchases need to be done separately for iOS and Mac.


I still do not understand contextual but ok. I will just leave it alone and now I am having issues with alerts, here is a video -https://nialu.screencasthost.com/watch/cZei1aVK79T

Thanks for the feedback.

On adding new task window, alert can only be set same as due date.

After adding a new task, you can edit due date and alert separately in task detail page.


I do not understand this? if quick action is not used, what is quick action? or by setting default due date ans alert, please make it make sense?

Hi @MPRachel, thanks for the feedback.

Currently you can't change alert different from due date on 'Quick add' window. Quick actions are the ones that you can choose while clicking 'Thunder'-like button on that window.

I'm looking into it now but there's not many options to satisfy your needs at the moment. I'll try to improve 'Quick add' window soon. Thanks!