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Is there a way to edit the quick action Continue+ to ask for +Day input or select from a list? Like +1 day/+1week or so? I wanna do this for some work tasks that are not required for ever so I don't wanna use the repeat function or reminder.

I'm kinda new to the app so maybe is some stupid question :joy: let me know guys :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

Hi @Heeervas, thanks for the feedback. If you add quick action with โ€˜Proceed+โ€™ which is multiple actions thatโ€™s preset, itโ€™ll give you a pop up to add dates that you input.

I recommend you to check out YouTube video for the new quick actions to get the details. Thanks!


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As I said, it's easy and I feel stupid :joy: thanks for the quick answer. I had it disabled don't know why.

But is there a way to also add change title?

Currently you can only add text to existing title. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! Great help