Editing an item


I think I'm being a little dumb with this one.

Once I've created a to-do item, how can I go back and edit it? e.g. change the title of the to-do

I can't seem to find any way or keyboard shortcut for it.

Thanks for any guidance :slight_smile:


Hi @MrTall, thanks for using GoodTask.

You can tap the task and edit them right away. Tapping title on top will edit title and the rest is same.

If you can't find the task you've created, check on other lists especially the Reminders list that you've made the task on.

Or you can make a smart list with 'Recent' filter to make it easier to get to the tasks you've recently created.



Thanks for the reply. Seems to be working now. Oddly the Mac wasn't allowing the newly created items to be modified. odd. All working now anyways, thanks for the response. :slight_smile:

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