Editing multiple Tasks (MacOS)

Is there a way, to change e.g. the due date of multiple selected tasks unter MacOS?

It ist possible under iPadOS:

but I could not find a corresponding feature unter MacOS.

If not, consider this as a feature wish

Thanks for the feedback. Currently you can only use Quick actions to change it on Mac. I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!

I do need this feature especially to change a due date of several tasks at once. I have defined quick action für "+1 day", "+1 week", "-1 day", next Friday, next Monday. However, I could not find a quick action for "change to day to a date [to be specified]"

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I still would need a way to select several tasks and change the due date to a specific date in the future.
On iPad / iPhone there is the function "batch change"