Email and iOS 13


One of the great features pre iOS 13 beta was the ability to drag an email from to Goodtask on the iPad and create a link back to the original email. I used this all the time.

Since iOS 13 betas (and including 13.1 betas) this hasn't worked in the same way (probably to do with the treatment of the URL field). Dragging an email over now just leaves a task with the same title as the email but no link. Sharing from within the Mail app produces the same result - no link. I have found that dragging the email over to create a task and then opening the notes field of the task and dragging the email over again does work and produces a clickable link, but this seems rather clunky.

Am I missing something (I really don't want to use a non Apple email client for other reasons) or is this the only way to get a link back to the original email?


Hi @Maczero, thanks for the feedback.

This is due to URL field change on iOS 13. Now URL field is not accessible and does not save at all. Existing ones have been moved to Notes field on v4.8.3 but there are some missing features like the drag and drop you've mentioned. This will work again and URL will be saved on notes field on next v4.8.4 update.


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And now it works again as it should. Fantastic and thanks!

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