Events not syncing to apple Calendar

Hi, I created my first event in GoodTask. I checked my Apple Calendar and it’s not showing up. I went through the Help Topics and checked everything and it seems fine. Wondering if someone could help me troubleshoot. Thanks in advance!

Hi RestartRemedies,

Did you add a calendar event by long tapping '+' key on iOS device? If so, check the date and calendar name on GoodTask and look for it on Calendars app.

If you added normal task with '+' button, it'll be shown on Reminders app rather than Calendars app.

Open Apple's Reminders app and you'll find it.


Is it possible to have normal tasks show up in the Calendars app, also? This would be very helpful. Thx.

Hi @YaYaTurre, thanks for using GoodTask. Tasks sync with Reminders app and calendar events sync with Calendars app. I can't make Calendars app to show Reminders data. Thanks!