Exporting data to another Apple ID

Long-time GoodTask user here. After years of sharing an Apple ID with my wife, a new computer is providing the opportunity to get my own Apple ID finally set up.

However, a big problem is that I have a very detailed and specific setup in GoodTask, linked to the old Apple ID. Actually getting the tasks out is simple—I can share the lists—but is there any way to export my GoodTask settings?

I tried coping the ~/library/containers/GoodTask/Data folder from the one computer to the next, and that didn't work. Any other options? This could save me a couple hours of work.

Hi @aguyfromCanada, thanks for using GoodTask.

Preferences used in GoodTask are saved as files in iCloud Drive.

You can go into 'Finder/iCloud Drive/GoodTask/' and copy Settings folder and then move it to new Apple ID's folder.

It should move the settings that syncs. Hope it works. Thanks!