Extra # in Section with sorting on Tags

Looks like in the latest version when viewing list on tags for section, in every section # is added as an tag which is not in my notefield. Is this an bug ?

This is on macOS and iOS

Hi @DimitryJacobs, thanks for using GoodTask.

Would you check 'Sort Option : Edit Tags' on your list settings? Check if it has # inside.


Nope there is no # inside tags sorting or filter that (smart) list

Mine does, and I’ve always wondered why. How do I get rid of it?

Inside 'Sort Options', tap 'Edit: Tags'. Remove # if it's inside that list.

If there is nothing there, it could be fetching from your other settings. Tags are auto-generated from below area.

  • Smart List Text filters
  • Quick Actions : Tag and Switch type

You may want to check above places.


I remove it from there, yet it appears to come back with ‘Bring Tags from Settings’. I can’t locate where that is, I’ve deleted all the Quick Actions, no change. Set up a new smart list, created a new tag, and still I see the #, #tagname in the header for the list.

Same here i check everywhere in my settings but there is no hidden # without text ...... Strange bug


One last place could be 'Sort Option' that's set per smart list. If tag is added on the sort option of a smart list, it would be fetched when 'Bring tags from settings' run.

Would you check that too? Thanks!

Strange looks like that # tag bug is solved, i have nothing change in settings. Did you something change in the Backend ? Will check this later with making an new smart list and sort on tags the coming days.

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Pardon my ignorance, but can the ‘tags in settings’ be edited? Or wiped clean and start again from scratch?

'Bring Tags from settings' work by fetching tags in Quick Actions, Smart Lists, Sort Options from other lists.

If you want to manually manage tags, you can just add/remove on that list.


Except it doesn’t work. I can remove the tag from that list (in sort options), and the ‘#’ tag still appears at the top of the list results (see image). I go back to editing the sort options, and the ‘#’ tag is not in the list. However, as soon as I select bring tags from settings, it appears in the sort option list again. It appears that deleting the tag in sort options has no effect, as if bring tags from settings is still the master.

As a feature request, please consider a means to edit the list of tags in settings. I’m at the point where I am ready to nuke all my GoodTask lists and settings, and start over from scratch because it just doesn’t seem possible to permanently delete tags.

This is my All Lists list after deleting the ‘#’ tag in sort options.

Thanks for the feedback. Improving tags is on the roadmap. I'll do my best to bring it to you sooner.

Meanwhile, if you have empty tags list, it'll work as you have tags that's identical to the ones you get when you tap 'Bring tags from settings'. After tapping this, if you manually remove tags, it should sort with tags shown there only.