[Feature Idea] Respect the "Sidebar icon size" system setting (macOS)

There is a macOS system setting that allows to customize the Sidebar icon size (with three options: "Small", "Medium", "Large").

I have this setting set to "Large" as it makes the sidebar look better on larger displays.

It seems that GoodTask macOS app does not respect this setting. For comparison, below is a screenshot of 3 apps (from left to right: Finder, Mimestream and GoodTask), together with System Preferences setting. It's visible that GoodTask's sidebar icons and text size is smaller compared to the other apps. When the "Sidebar icon size" is set to "Medium", all 3 sidebars have the same size of icons and text.

I would greatly appreciate if you added support for this option :slight_smile: Together with the new icons in 6.8 it would make GoodTask look even better on macOS :slight_smile:

Also, it seems that the highlight color of the selected list is deffernt from the one provided by the system. Eg. in Finder, the highlighted Sidebar item has dark gray color, while in GoodTask it's blue-ish :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2021-07-16 at 09.18.53

Thanks for the feedback. I'll keep it on the list to consider.

Highlighted color is set per app and it's a bit different with Finder since you can't control selection as focused on Finder (i.e move with keyboard arrows).


It'd be a useful feature but if implemented I'd also want to be able to turn it off!