Feature Request: Add More keyboard shortcut


HI There:
I’d like to see this in both the iOS and Mac versions. I really love this one, but it’s a pain to have to click on the “Add More” button with the mouse, as opposed to quickly using a keyboard shortcut to make this quickly happen.

Just a wish and a hope; thanks1

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Hi @velanche,

You can use CMD-SHIFT-Enter to 'Add more' on Mac version.

I'll keep iOS version feedback on the list to consider. Thanks! :slight_smile:



I am just in the process of switching from OmniFocus to GoodTask and I have bought the macOS and iOS licenses now. :slight_smile: To make sure that there are no misunderstandings coming from my feedback below, of course I love your app, otherwise I would not have switched... :wink:

While migrating my tasks, I noticed a few issues though that might improve the GoodTask user experience on macOS and they mainly fit into the "Improve keyboard functionality" topic, therefore I decided to reply here.

Big wishes:

  • Please support editing a reminder in place and not only in the sidebar. That would reduce the mouse move effort significantly :grinning: : Now I have to select the item and then move to the sidebar to click on the text. When I could edit the item directly in place, I would only need to click on the item text once to select the line and at the same place a second time to edit it.
  • Allow adding a new reminder by clicking "Enter" on a selected Reminder. That could create a new empty line with the cursor already in the right place to directly start entering the reminder title.
  • Improve tag editing. Right now I have a long table of somewhat clumsy quick actions for my tags to make sure I don't mistype a tag. Having tag management as a separate functionality would be great, e.g. by managing a list of default tags and whenever you start to type a tag in the reminder note field with "#", a drop down list appears with matching suggestions of tags of the lists (like Xcode symbol completion, where maybe optionally you can add to the list by clicking e.g. Cmd-Enter instead of Enter like in OmniFocus) or alternatively simply already used tags appears would be great. That would also allow different colours for tags...

Besides that:

  • Indeed more in place editing in lists overall. E.g. adding new QuickActions in the Preferences table by having Type and Content as two columns in the table view, by adding a new item at the end by simply clicking "enter" and by editing/changing the value in place in the list without opening a separate dialog.
  • Linking Lists & Reminders to Notes from the macOS/iOS Notes app. I don't know if that works and if there is an API or URL scheme to access the Notes app, if that would be possible, it would be very useful. Reason for that: Right now, there is no way to add a note to a list itself (explaining the list, e.g. "This is the list for all my personal stuff") or to save rich media content (attachments, drawings etc). I also don't think GoodTask should duplicate this functionality, just a link please...
  • Simplify editing dates. Now there is a checkbox and when I click on it I need to click again in a date selector popup. I would love to be able to click just once and enter the date directly (with GoodTask completing the month, year and time if I did not explicitly enter it) and the date & time selector is just optional. Reason: The selector is nice but in most cases it is much quicker to simply type e.g. "05/01"...
  • By the way: The quick action buttons really look a bit clumsy... :wink: :blush:

In any case, these are just my 2c :slight_smile:


Hi @theproto, thanks for great feedback. I'll take a look and will keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!