Feature Request - Apple Mail Plugin

In my workflows, using the concept written in 'Don't Check Your Email First Thing in the Morning', I tend to have a set time mid-morning and late in the day in which I clear my emails, creating an empty inbox. Anything I can answer immediately, I will do so. Using GTD principles, everything else that is not easily answered goes into the In-Tray to be analysed later to be planned for action.

I like that you can drag emails from Apple Mail to Good Task, but it would be great if there was a plugin for Apple Mail so that you can send an email to Apple Mail. This would be more efficient. Todoist and a number of other apps do this and so I would love to see this become one of the many great features!

Hi @docrameous, thanks for the feedback.

Would you let me know some more details about the feature you're requesting for? If there is an equivalent in other apps, please point it to me too.


Hi there -- sorry I got my apps muddled in my mind.

The app that allowed you to make a task out of an email without dropping and dragging was Daylite.


I used Daylite for a while, but the Daylite ecosystem was too limiting, particularly when I have a lot of work with entities that use Exchange. I did however, like Daylite's deep integration with Apple reminders, calendar, siri, etc.

Todoist does not have a plugin for Apple Mail. It does however have one for Spark. I would consider using Spark, but I am a big user of BusyContacts and the ability to see my emails (and calendar items) according to contacts as a contact manager is too important to me.

Apple Mail does pretty much everything I want anyhow and I do drag emails every single day into Good Task. It's the best way to keep your inbox from being cluttered and becoming a really bad task manager.

Thanks for the details. It seems like sharing on Mail.app Mac version doesn't work like iOS which gives proper link to the mail itself.

There is a plug in named MailTag that can make a task by sending it to Reminders app which will make it show on GoodTask. I don't personally use it so I can't give you how it's working at the moment though.

I'll keep your feedback on the list to consider. Thanks!