Feature Request — Backup (Export) all reminders to JSON or XML

Please add a feature to backup all reminders to JSON file (or XML or any other parsable format).

Before Catalina there was a feature in Apple Reminders to export reminders to ICS format. It is gone from the app since updating to new Reminders back-end.
Also reminders data is missed from "get a copy of your data" on privacy.apple.com.
The only way I found for now is Apple Shortcuts app on iOS which get all reminders and creates zip-archive, but data retrieved from Shortcuts app misses recurring information of reminders.

In summary I want a simple button to get all my reminders in any parsable format (for emergency situation like losing access to Apple ID or critical failure of Apple Services).


Hi @Splurov, thanks for the feedback.

There has been similar feature on GoodTask but has been removed since it can't get all the data from new Reminders app's database. Didn't feel sufficient to call it as a backup. I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!

I would like this as well, even if there are some fields it can't export. I have a lot of repeating reminders (which is why I have GoodTask) and being able to export them and import them would give me a lot of flexibility, e.g., I could try blowing away large quantities of them and see if I get along without them. Without this functionality I have to resort to lists that are active and inactive, which is a mess.

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It would also give me a lot more confidence in upgrading to the new Reminders database. I have held off on this partly because I can't back them up in case the upgrade fails in some way.

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I would also like a backup/export feature. Even if it is limited in its capabilities, as long as those limitations were explained, it would be a step in the right direction.

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I would also like a backup/export feature. At this point, any data we can export would be useful.