Feature request: calendar view

Hello - I’m loving Goodtask! There is one feature that would really make it perfect.

I use GoodTask mainly to get an overview of my upcoming tasks and calendar events, and allocate new tasks to specific times during the week when I have space to work on them. I use the Start Time and Due Time options to display the times I intend to work on a task, and I display them together with calendar events in Day View to see when I have free time available to schedule in new tasks. Dragging and dropping new tasks in this way is super intuitive and works well.

I would love it if GoodTask had a ‘Calendar View’ that could be toggled with the Day View. This could look very similar to the native iOS calendar app layout, but would incorporate tasks as well as calendar events, displaying Start and Due times visually in the way that Calendar events display start and end times. This would allow us for example to view an entire week of events and tasks in a calendar format, to see when there is free time to work on a new tasks.

Ideally in the iPad app, there would be screen space to see this new calendar view and a list view at the same time. New / unscheduled tasks could then be drag/dropped into empty spaces which would automatically assign start and due times to the task. A task could be drag/dropped into an existing task in Calendar view to become a sub task.

Would anyone else find this helpful?

Thanks for all the fab work on this app, it’s making a big difference for me.


Thanks for great feedback. I’ll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!


Thanks :grinning:

I found an app called Sorted that has this kind of functionality, but apart from this it is not as powerful or customisable as GoodTask. Here's a screenshot of the calendar view combining tasks and events:

You can also drag the top and bottom of tasks in this view to change the duration / start and end times, which would be super helpful.

Of course I will be sticking with GoodTask, but wanted to show an example of what I meant. thanks again!


I use list view to do this but I see you’re using this already. I like your idea of a week view.

Fantastical can do this with reminders as it links to your reminders and different calendar sets can have different reminders lists associated with them showing them at the correct time in week view. It is an expensive subscription though.

I’ve also been looking at Sorted which integrates with todoist in beta but development seems erratic.

For me GoodTask gives me flexibility across a lot of areas and better smart lists.



Yeah I had tried using List view for it as well, but there's something about having a proper calendar-style vertical timeline that is just so helpful in visualising where there are 'spaces' in the schedule. In List or Day view currently, you have to look through the times of all events and tasks to work out where there is a space.

As a workaround I am currently using 'Duplicate as Event' for every scheduled task, so that they appear in the calendar app alongside events. But it's not perfect because if you change the timings for an task, you have to remember to replicate this for the event too.

I looked at Fantastical too but it just doesn't offer the kind of flexibility of Goodtask. And yeah :moneybag:...



I would love for this feature to be incorporated in the Today page, where I can choose my tasks for the day, see my calendar events on my calendar, and move around the tasks to fit them into my schedule. I’d like to do this with both timed tasks and untimed tasks. This sort of daily calendar view with the hours would be a home run for me.