[Feature request]: default priority

Using the MacOS desktop version of GoodTask. I would like a Settings feature that would cause all new tasks to be created with a default priority.

I sort my tasks by priority, and I have a lot of them. This causes me a recurring irritation:

  • I create a task.
  • Since the task has no priority, it is positioned far, far down the list.
  • I have to scroll a lot to locate the new task so that I can change its priority.

Thank you for considering my request!

Thanks for the feedback. I'll keep it on the list to consider. Meanwhile, if you're on a smart list with 'High Priority' filter, adding new task will have high priority by default. Also adding with + button on 'Board view - High priority' will do the same. Or typing '!!!' at the beginning of the title will add it too. Using Quick actions would be a way too. Thanks!

No, typing !!! at the beginning of the title does not cause a priority to be set. Tested three times on GoodTask 7.3.2 (1065) on MacOS 13.2.

It gets set after you tap 'Space' afterwards. If not, check 'Settings - New Task - Text Snippets - Priorities'. Thanks!