Feature Request: Delete without pop-up

I use GoodTask to organise my life, so I use it many times a day. I create tasks, then after I complete them, I like to delete them. It is a pain that every time I delete them (on my mac), I have to confirm that I want to delete it in a pop-up window.

The standard mac approach is that if the deletion request is through the delete key only, there is a pop up for confirmation, but if the request is through command + delete key, there is no need for the pop up.

It would be great if this could be executed in GoodTask.

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Hi @Lampiao, thanks for the feedback.

Currently you can press CMD-D on the pop-up to proceed with keyboard. I'll keep your feedback on the list to consider. Thanks!

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i second this request! im having to use the reminders app to delete my tasks. by using the delete button (not backspace). I think it to be a good idea (enhancement) to allow the user to keep it to always delete without a prompt when selected.

Of course being able to revert the popup if you change your mind is good as well

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I think command-delete is the most elegant solution. That way you will still your reminder if you need it, but can bypass the pop-out if you prefer.

That pop comes up multiple times a day. Every single time it pisses me off, as it wastes a little bit of my precious time and thought.

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