Feature Request: Group by Due Date


Feature request: Option* to sort tasks by due date only (separate from due time).

  • Due Date > Manual Sort
  • Due Date > Tag > Manual Sort
  • Due Date > Due Time > Manual Sort
  • Due Date > Due Time > Tag > Manual Sort

Background: I use Due Date & Due Time for deadlines/time-sensitive tasks. If I apply a time, I need to try to do it by or at that time. I filter for these in the Badge, Widget and High Priority Smart List. I'd like to sort by due date, then order tasks approximate time-of-day tags (#early, #am, #pm, ...) and/or manually.

As it works now, with Due Date sort, if I drag an untimed task between timed tasks (e.g. 9 am phone call and 12 pm lunch) a due time is applied, (e.g. Water Plants scheduled for 12 pm).
Without Due Date sort, tomorrow, Friday's, Saturday's, etc. tasks mix with today's tasks.


Thanks for the feedback. It seems like a complicated issue. I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!


Just a random thought, does it help at all if you tag your timed tasks as well as your untimed ones? In other words if something was due at 3 pm on Friday you could also tag it #pm and then sort by tag then due date?