Feature Request: Quick Actions sets by smart List


I use GoodTask for a bunch of different arenas of life (work projects, personal reminders, shopping lists, etc...) and have come to realize I use different quick actions depending on which smart list I’m in. For example:
-Work projects: I primarily use time and date manipulation quick actions, priority and alert toggles, and tags
-Shopping: I use quick actions to assign an item to a particular store’s list

As it is now, every time I create a task I have to scroll past the irrelevant quick actions to get to the ones I want for the smart list I’m in. It would be awesome if there were a way to save a “set” of quick actions that would correspond to the smart list I’m in so that when I create a task I can customize the quick actions I use for that list instead of having a single set used everywhere throughout the app. Hopefully this makes sense!


Hi Matt, thanks for the suggestion. I guess what you mean is you want a quick action that runs multiple quick actions at once. I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!