Feature requests for Today Page

I am finding the Today Page potentially very useful. There are a couple of features that would make it even more so, I think.

1/ It would be great to be able to add any existing task, at any time during the day, to the Today Page, without necessarily changed that task's due date. At the moment we can add new tasks to that page after the initial process, but we can't add existing tasks without changing their due date to today. (I might have a task that's due in a week but that I would like to add to today's list while keeping the original due date.)

2/ I would love to see the Today Page as an option on the iOS widgets. I can see tasks due today in the widget, but they are obviously different from the curated list I create on the Today Page each morning.

Thanks for the great work.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!