Feature Requests: Hide List Label & Include Lists in Search


Hi Hanbum,

I have a couple new items that would be helpful for me that I just thought about.

  1. Hide List Labels when in single lists (not a smart list)

I feel like having the list name in the task list is cluttering up the view when I'm in a specific list. It's definitely nice to have when in a smart list, but when in a reminder list it'd clean the list up a lot to have an option to remove that text.

Example: https://dsh.re/65484

  • Have Search include Lists for quick jumping between lists

Currently I can search for individual tasks, but it'd be great if I could also search for a list / smart list and jump straight to that list.

Thanks! :blush:


Thanks for the feedback. I'll keep it on the list to consider. :slight_smile: