Filter Count

I've been playing with smart lists trying to refine them to the point that I can quickly find what I need at any point in time. While I have the ability to add counts to scheduled items, I would also like to add count as an independent filter. In other words, go through all the filters, then display only "count" items based on sort order.

Just a thought for the future.

It's good idea. I'll keep it on the list to enhance Smart List. Thanks!


Sorry for revive, was this added? Would really help apple watch crashes currently cant open some smart lists that cover multiple categories.

No, it’s not added. If watch is crashing, this filter wouldn’t solve it even if it exists. Would you send me more details to

You may use day view to fetch scheduled tasks for today if a list has too many items. Thanks!

I may just have to change the way i think about managing my lists. Its very occasional crash but its with a list of 700 entries ha