Filter removes calendar entries?


I'm getting some unexpected results. With the default "Within 3 days" smart list, I wanted to edit it so that it doesn't show me recurring tasks. When I add that filter, so that the filters now read:

Scheduled (within 3 days)
Recurring AND (1) (Not recurring tasks only)

The list now only shows me tasks, not calendar events. Before I edited the filters, it did show calendar events. I'm not sure why adding this filter removed those events. Is this intentional? If so, how can remove recurring tasks without also removing calendar events?


Same issue if I use a filter to exclude a tag instead of excluding the recurring tasks. What’s the procedure for adding filters that don’t remove calendar entries?


Hi @derekvan, thanks for the feedback.

This bug will be fixed in v4.6 which will be released in about a week or two. I'll try to release it soon. Thanks!

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