Filter tasks undated based on creation date

Hi, i tend to not make scheduled tasks when im running errands or traveling (like i am doing today) by plane. This time i forgot to complete some tasks and mixed it with new ones when i was using siri. Im trying to create a filtered smart list to avoid confusion in the future (since i know i might make this same mistake again).

The solution would be to make a smart list that grabs all of my tasks in all of my lists based on creation date (this being today) and then sort also based on modified time.

I know there is a recent list type of filter but then you limit the amount of tasks shown. So that doesnt really help.

Is this not currently possible? thanks!

Hi @obadiahcruz, thanks for the feedback. If you need to use all the tasks on all the lists, you don't need to add any filters. Just use it to show every task and use sort option with 'Custom: Creation date'. It'll show all the tasks in the order of its creation time.

Modified time is not supported since it's not reliable and sync between devices.


It seems that helped just that I wish I could make smart lists so that I can exclude some lists and not change my main one

I tend to accidentally forget to complete some tasks

You can make new smart list by tapping + in the lists page. You can select lists you want to see on that smart list and it'll show you all the tasks if you don't add any filters. Thanks!

Ah yea but I meant that with the smart lists and filter with creation date aha but thank you! @GoodTask