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This is more just putting this out for discussion as opposed to a request at this time. I am a big user of subtasks for tracking through steps of something that has to be completed that requires multiple steps as it gives me a good audit trail. If the next action I need to make is a call for example, I will use quick actions to add #call to the reminder and remove it when complete. For names however, it gets more awkward. For example I may have:

"Call John Doe re: Winning Lottery Strategy"
"Buy Lottery Ticket Based on New Strategy"

as subtasks to a Reminder titled "Retire Rich". I would flag the reminder with #call when I that was my next action. Once I complete that call, I would mark the subtask complete and remove the #call tag and add (in the example) an #errands tag.

All that works very well. Where it falls apart is when I happen to be talking to John Doe and pull up anything that I may have to review with him. Ideally I'd love to filter out where "John Doe" exists in a completed sub-task. Right now I end up adding a "#" to John Doe in the subtask and removing it when I complete the sub-task. It just adds friction when I'm processing things however.

Just curious if I'm the only one that does weird things like this and if not, if others have come up with a better approach.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts, @denrael. Managing tasks according to people is a bit complicated issue since you can only do it in hacky way with using names as tags.

Categorizing in a separate smart list could be a way if you have lots of connection to the person to see all related tasks with the name in.

Maybe in your example, adding another following up task could be a way.


Thanks, I've done that too (add another task), which is what I was doing before this. I have more open projects tied to clients than I can shake a stick at and was looking for a way to easy the double typing. Another thought would be if I could trigger a subtask to either move to a task, or, replicate itself as a task. I like using the subtasks for brainstorming and keeping a link to the project/client, but if I could promote a subtask to a reminder that might work.

The reason I can't use a smart group is the extra noice once I check off a subtask As it is still in the note, it catches on all filters. That's why I was thinking it would be nice to have an option to further filter completed subtasks from a search/filter.

In any case, just brainstorming here. Never know when something I ramble on about will give you a brilliant idea.


Good point about the filter. I'll take a look once again after upcoming update.

You can currently drag and drop subtask into tasks page to make it as a task but it's not a good experience. (Need to use 2 fingers on iPhone to drag and go back and drop)

There is a note to consider about changing a task-subtasks to a list-tasks and this could make it work better. But needs more considerations. :slight_smile:


No worries, with the new IOS you have enough on your plate. Current methods aren't killing me, Another thought would be the option to delete a subtask on completion. Not sure I like that one, but it would solve the filter issue.


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