Filter to show tasks with due dates, but not with start dates

How do I set up a smart filter that will show tasks with a due date, but will not show tasks that have a start date until the start date arrives?

Basically, a "Next Action" list that filters out the "ticklers, the tasks that cannot be started until a certain date. However, I do want to see tasks that have future due date, with no start date, because those tasks can be started at any time, but are due in the future.

Hi @Brian_Cohen, thanks for using GoodTask.

I assume you want something like 'Defer' or 'Hide until' on a task. Unfortunately start date doesn't work like that. Setting start date brings up tasks to be shown before due rather than hiding them. You can check below post for more detail.

I'll keep your feedback on the list to consider. Thanks!

I've come up with a work around to implement a Tickler model w/o having to put the Tickler tasks in a different list, and keep the Ticklers in my Next Action lists but hidden. I have a Start date AND a #tickler tag.
So it looks like the following, which exclude tasks with start dates + #tickler, but shows me tasks with due dates not today and undated tasks.



Thanks for sharing your use case. Nice tip. :slight_smile:

I just love how flexible and powerful these filters can be :slight_smile: