Flagged List

New GT user but long time OmniFocus user. Working on moving my task management to GT. I am really enjoying it so far.

In OmniFocus & Reminders you have the ability to flag an item and then to only see the list of flagged items.

Is this possible with GT, please?


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Hi, while there is no explicit "flag" option as far as I know, you can use a tag (perhaps called #flag) assigned to a quick action and then create a smart list filtered with this tag. Using tags in GT gives you almost endless possibilities to filter tasks into smart lists. Cheers


Thank you! Yes the options for filtering tasks are great so I will be working on some new filtering.

Another way to do it is via "Top" priority. You can set up a filter to only show items with top priority.

I prefer to use the top priority to flag items, and the #Hot tag to assign high importance to them.

This makes quick flagging and unflagging much faster on Outlook and elsewhere outside GoodTask.