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Some apps offer the possibility to choose certain options in relation to the current focus of the device. For example a calendar app will display only your 'work' calendar when you activate your device's 'work' focus.

It would be really great if GoodTask would offer this possibility, too.
What I would like to do is choosing a special (smart) list for the widget and connected it to a certain focus. This would help a lot, especially when running GoodTasks via the watch widget.

Thanks for the feedback.

The app itself has list filter inside each smart list so it would be very confusing to implement iOS's focus filter. I'll keep your feedback though.


On the phone or the ipad the widget smart lists which filter certain task lists work very well.
However most of the time I use my watch when dealing with GoodTask, simply because I'm not sitting somewhere where I can operate the phone but need my hands free while "running around", leaving the iphone sitting somewhere in my bag (For example imagine work like gardening).

While it is easily possible to built a focus homescreen containing a GoodTask smartlist widget, this doesn't seem possible at the watch, where I have to switch the task list manually. I simply was hoping for a more convenient and useful way to integrate the focus mode in my workflow.

Thank you for your response though.

Thanks for the details. I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!

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I think IOS filters would compliment smart lists very nicely.
Currently, I have to create most smart lists twice, one for personal and one for work—related tasks.

With IOS focus filters, on the other hand, I could simply filter all work related tasks for every smart list all at once.


One more request for focus filters.

I would like to manage both my work and personal tasks with Goodtask but I don't want to see work tasks on the weekends or after work.

As @malte said above, the only way to do it currently is to separate work and personal by duplicating all smart lists for each. This is too labor intensive and non value added.

A very simple fix would be to have a quick global filter on task lists. So I can turn a set of lists on or off with one click of a button.

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I'd like to place another vote for focus filters, especially for the "Next" screen. It would be very nice to filter this screen for various contexts. For example, the next task when working is different than the next task when studying, even if their representation in GoodTask/Reminders is unchanged.

As you may all already know, this is implemented in GoodTask 7.5. Thanks!

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Thank you!

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