Focus filters for list

Hi -

Would be great if we could filter to a specific list (and hide all others) by using the new Focus filters on iOS 16. Is that something that you might consider supporting?

Hi @oddballs, thanks for the feedback.

Actually I'm not considering this since the actual filtering of lists is done on all the lists separately. Giving another filter on top makes it more complicated.

I'm opened to feedback though. Thanks!


I find focus filters amazing but agree that extra filters over these lists would be too much.
But I think that focus filters could work on widgets, they change what list is selected.
That way I could have only one homescreen, now it works by having many similar ones.
I get that this could lead into other problems with all the other great settings for the widgets.
Also you could maybe highlight some lists to be shown, similar to the mail app.

These are some idea's, but I don't think they are important.

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