Future Repeating Tasks

This may be a limitation with iOS reminders, but is there a way to see all future repeats, not just the next one? Currently, if I have a Tues/Thurs repeat, I can't see the Thurs task until Tues is completed.

Hi @405fv, thanks for the feedback.

Unfortunately the current recurring system works a bit differently as you may already know.

Even if it's recurring task, it stays as a single task and contains recurrence rule. After you complete that task, next task is made based on the rule.

I'll keep your feedback. Thanks!

Thanks. I am still trying this out by using calendar events for those tasks.

The other challenge I had is adding a tag to repeating events without applying to all future ones. I am having to add the tag to the completed task. Is there any other easier way?

Currently all the notes field are sent together to future tasks like you've mentioned. To making it optional is on the list to consider on future updates. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the quick replies

Please consider this now i really like to place an note for specific recurring meeting and the next task for this meeting i have an clean sheet. And when i search on this task which are completed the notes for that certain meeting think like attented people , ideas mention by people etc ...

Thanks for the feedback. It's on the list for v5.5.


Hey Everyone, I've a bit different question but not sure i'm doing repeating task settings correctly or not.
So as end user i expect to set repeating settings inside Goodtask(All platforms) app not in Apple Reminders. can this configuration be handled underhood without making user think about settings repeat feature in another app?

Please correct me if I'm setting repeat settings it in a different way.

Hi @mcrunix, thanks for using GoodTask.

Basic recurring options are shared between GoodTask and Reminders app. (And all other apps using Reminders database)

There are advanced options in GoodTask such as 'Repeat after completion', Clear notes, Offset which only works when you complete the task in GoodTask.


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@GoodTask Thanks for your clear answer. Got it now.
As I understood this feature will be available on task behavior but GoodTask getting started process wasn't really good to me as newbie user regards these hidden features. I'm saying it because i didn't even notice about that in 2 months working with that so just as feedback please revise your UI/UX in the next versions.

BTW, GoodTask is super cool.

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This is something that I am looking for as well and was wondering if this has been planned at all since this was posted.

I am using GoodTask for my daughter's homeschool planning and I would like to be able to plan a week out and include specifics about tasks for her that needs to happen every day. I'd prefer to not have to create separate tasks for each weekday. It would be wonderful to have an option to see "x" amount of repeats on your list where it could be set depending on the task.