FYI: New Apple Reminders (WWDC23) features do not sync to Goodtask

Just wanted to make it clear as someone who is running the new iOS 17, iPadOS 17 & macOS Sonoma betas, the new features like Grocery Lists and Columns (Kanban) DO NOT sync to Goodtask. They sync as regular Reminders or tasks. The sections will not show up.

And just a note to the devs @GoodTask , it's starting to feel like Goodtask may need to become it's own app instead of a Reminders alternative. I believe Apple Reminders has become a closed-sourced Task Manager and is now good enough for most. I find myself using Reminders more than Goodtask these days because the features that sync are less and less.
Maybe it's time for Goodtask for Android or Windows, which would be really great for Apple users who need to sync their reminders to other platforms that Remnders is not available on...
Goodtask was great for the older vanilla version of Reminders, but since Apple updated it, they are adding new features that other 3rd party apps have, every year now quietly...


Appreciate you sharing...I wondered, particularly, about Columns and whether they may replace the use of Tags in Goodtask to power columns. But I haven't used v17 to know how far/deep they go...

I am relatively new to GT, but like many a veteran of others: Asana, 2do, Google Tasks etc. etc.

GT's magic is a power user's approach to uniting calendar and tasks with zero worry about data (data is with Apple who, if we have to trust someone, is the most trustworthy imho).

I disagree wholeheartedly disagree with your suggestion that GT should break with Apple. In a corporate environment, calendars are not allowed to sync externally - Apple Calendar an exception.

I would like to see more of a calendar view of tasks and events...making duration visually visible (like a plain vanilla calendar) and draggable. My $0.02 for the developers. I can't tell if MORE calendar-like handling of tasks is under active development, or other areas are...

I see the limitation of stuffing all of this data into Reminders, but sometimes constraints are a good thing. 2do is wonderful, if abandoned for years, but you can go down too many layers...Reminders/GT simplicity with power user views + calendar is a unique combo from what I can see.

Appreciations for reporting back from adventures in iOS17!


The power of goodtask to me is because it uses the Apple Reminders database.

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