Getting a URL to a task

I would love the ability to right click a task and get a URL to it, e.g., something like goodtask3://task?id=<task ID>. This would make it easy to refer to tasks from outside GoodTask as well as from other tasks within GoodTask. The ability to paste links to tasks in other tasks' notes would be especially useful for creating task relationships/hierarchies not currently supported by the app.

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Thanks for the feedback.

Currently you can open a task by its title with goodtask3://task?title=example

There is a way to open with direct ID with goodtask3://widget?identifier=XX which widget uses but you can't get the identifier on the app.

I'll keep your feedback on the list to consider. Thanks!

Thanks. I find the title URL cumbersome because a lot of my task titles include whitespace and emoji, and URL encoding them is a pain. Being able to get a task's id/URL in one click would be much more convenient.

Adding on to this, I often like to create "launch" tasks that link back to project lists. These tasks repeat (usually every day) and prompt me to work on a project without having to set every task in the project to repeat every day. It would be awesome if we could right click on a task to get its GoodTask URL, or if there was a Quick Action that could generate a URL to a task or list.