Getting a URL to a task

I would love the ability to right click a task and get a URL to it, e.g., something like goodtask3://task?id=<task ID>. This would make it easy to refer to tasks from outside GoodTask as well as from other tasks within GoodTask. The ability to paste links to tasks in other tasks' notes would be especially useful for creating task relationships/hierarchies not currently supported by the app.


Thanks for the feedback.

Currently you can open a task by its title with goodtask3://task?title=example

There is a way to open with direct ID with goodtask3://widget?identifier=XX which widget uses but you can't get the identifier on the app.

I'll keep your feedback on the list to consider. Thanks!

Thanks. I find the title URL cumbersome because a lot of my task titles include whitespace and emoji, and URL encoding them is a pain. Being able to get a task's id/URL in one click would be much more convenient.

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Adding on to this, I often like to create "launch" tasks that link back to project lists. These tasks repeat (usually every day) and prompt me to work on a project without having to set every task in the project to repeat every day. It would be awesome if we could right click on a task to get its GoodTask URL, or if there was a Quick Action that could generate a URL to a task or list.


For a single name task this works great, goodtask3://task?title=mow, goes straight to that task, however I can’t seem to make it work for a multi-word task like, goodtask3://task?title=mow the grass.

I have tried goodtask3://task?title=mow&the&grass and goodtask3://task?title=mow_the_grass and it still does not go to that task, just opens GT.

Is there something I am missing, please?

You have to percent encode your spaces: goodtask3://task?title=mow%20the%20grass

Other special characters would have to be encoded as well.

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That worked! Thanks so much!

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Hi @larbob, this is not official but for your information,

  1. You can goodtask3://widget?identifier=XX to open task with identifier
  2. This identifier can be retrieved on Mac version of GoodTask with goodtask3://x-callback-url/currenttask and x-success which gives title and identifier back.
  3. The identifier itself is given by the system so there could be a way to retrieve it in some other way. I'll consider adding above action on iOS.


Thanks! I'm having a bit of trouble using the x-callback-url on my mac due to not having another app that can handle them -- would AppleScript support be possible? And shortcuts on iOS? Being able to automate this would be incredible on all my devices.

I'm not familiar at AppleScript either and it seems like you may need an app in the middle to fetch the identifier and move on. It could be a lot easier on iOS since Shortcuts are made upon this technique. I'll try to add it in on next update if possible. Thanks!

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Another, potentially simpler option would be to just write data to the user's clipboard. For me, this would be more easily accessible than data in a callback URL.

It looks like this has been implemented -- thanks!

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Does that mean it's now possible to directly copy an URL to the current task to the clipboard?
If so, how?

On desktop, right click > copy link. On iOS, long press instead of right click.


Oh, thanks! Didn't see it because it's not present in the menu bar. Since it is only available in the right click menu, it can not easily be addressed by automation tools like KeyboardMaestro, right?
Alternatively, is it possible to configure a keyboard shortcut directly in Goodtask?

Hi @jov, currently there is no way to add keyboard shortcut to the copy link action. I'll keep it on the list to consider. I'm not sure if there is another way by using 3rd party apps. Thanks!

In addition to adding something to the menu bar, it would be incredible if GoodTask added AppleScript support, including getting the currently selected task(s).

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Hi @larbob, thanks for the feedback. Currently automation on Apple platform mostly is moving to Shortcuts app rather than AppleScript. You can do many things with the shortcut actions. You may check it out. Thanks!

'Copy Link' action is added to the menu so now you can set keyboard shortcut through default System Settings from version 7.6. Thanks!