Global shortcut to add a new task when GT is not in the background ? (Mac)

Is there a way to set up a global keyboard shortcut for adding a new task when Goodtask is not running in the background.

I was trying to have it done via Shortcuts but must've messed it up as it doesn't start the app.

What I want to do is to press say OPTION+G at any time, GT app is launched (if it's not already running), and a new task dialog is opened.

Basically, similar to how Todoist is set up.

HI @Wanderling, thanks for the feedback.

Currently you can't run global keyboard shortcut if the app is not running. As far as I know, it's same for other apps. If it works on other app, it's always running separate process other than the main app in the background.

I'll keep your feedback on the list to consider. Thanks!