Goals Page on MacOS shows Month Number, Not Name


I am loving using the Goals and Today pages to form a kind of hybrid GTD and Bullet Journal system. However, I have noticed that on the Mac version the Months on the Goals page are showing as the month numbers in the titles, rather than the month names. All appears fine on iOS version, but for July on Mac it just reads as 7.

Is this a bug, or am I missing a setting on the Mac? I've had a look but can't track such a settings option down.

Many thanks

Hi @ajph1970, thanks for the feedback.

It's a bug and it'll be fixed on next update. Thanks!

Okay, no worries, thanks for clarifying. I was also wondering; within Today Page it is possible to reschedule a task to Tomorrow, Edit or Remove From List. A nice feature to add I think would be the ability to just generally reschedule to any date or time from within the Today Page. I might be overdue on a task which was scheduled under the Today Page for 07:00 am and I decide to do this at 13:00 instead, or it might be better suited for a week from now. I could edit the task of course and change this but that takes me out of Today Page and feels less streamlined when I already have Move to Tomorrow and Remove From List as options.

Many thanks as always for your excellent support here.

I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!

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Thanks for considering.